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SatoshiFX Perfume
Satoshifx Perfume

SatoShiFX Perfume (red or blue) ( Buy one get one free)

(sw/sa/pe/re, sw/sa/pe/bl)

USD$ 99/ AED 364

Fragrance is the most intimate way of sharing a little bit about your inner most thoughts and character. We believe fragrances are an extension of our personalities. Emotions, attitudes, feelings, and moods are all reflected in our scent. Fragrances have immense calming properties that can keep your mind in control and also help tackle insomnia. Perfumes come with compounds that ease a headache and the numerous therapeutic benefits will keep you from getting anxious. The smells lead the mind into a positive, stress-free state that is prone to keep you happy and relaxed. SatoShiFX Perfume is the best example of perfumes created from Crypto currency. we are pairing the exciting cryptocurrency movement with timeless perfumes that speaks to the new millennium