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Mr. Madhu Shekhar Bhandari

Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and Business Tycoon, Dubai, UAE.

SWEET is the meaning of my title (Madhu), filled with objective driven energy to assist humankind at all conceivable levels a human like me can, and might you as well in the future! With a 40bn dollar group of companies under my banner and 3,500 employees to lead, I have taken it upon myself as a responsibility to share with the world a miraculous way of living a drug-free life. A journey that I experienced for the last 17 years of discovering true wealth, your health.

BILLIONAIRE, young, successful and enjoying life, I imagined that happiness lay in a glass of vodka, cigarettes and gambling and soon discovered the “ultimate” life believing that money can buy me happiness. In the race to become a billionaire and among the rich and famous I had already lost my health to the point of no return and the doctors had already warned of my deteriorating health condition. This had no effect on me as I had money and believed I could buy everything being one among the fastest growing billionaires in the world. Unfortunately, the best of doctors could not help me even with all the riches of the world.

A LIFE CHANGING thought took me on a path to self realization and the discovery of naturopathy methodology of healing. I decided to take charge of my own health and travelled extensively in search of various sources and systems of medicine. I have explored all the possible systems of medicines existing in the world and various therapies, but found some shortcomings in each one except for naturopathy. That's when I was convinced that nature is the best source of holistic healing as we are born from nature and we shall return back to nature.

IN 2003 the world was reeling under a financial crisis of unprecedented proportions. Markets collapsed. People lost all their savings. The economy was in shambles. I lost a lot too. My blood pressure of 25 years went away! Smoking and alcohol addiction also disappeared! And in return I got a deep desire to go on a quest for God, my our, your, Creator. God who inspired me to start a company that would launch the No Gym Be Slim system, and then share my methodology to bring health back into human life. By losing all the excess weight not just in your body, but in your mind and in your thoughts.

WITH RESPECT for medical science, you can see my publically available medical records from 1980 till today, test results, diagnosis, medications and how none of that really helped me! Like I suggested to you, one fine day I simply said ENOUGH and resolved to master my own health. I studied for years, learned from every possible school of thought the ROOT cause of sickness, and how to get rid of it.

AND SWAFE WAS BORN, From my own sufferings and pain, only when I was able to help myself holistically did I realize that the secrets I learned deserve a wider audience. Billions suffer from chronic diseases on this planet: depression, anxiety, obesity, High or Low BP, heart disease, diabetes, a very, very long list here that medical science has not been able to fully cure as yet but help reduce severity or arrest “the rate of decline” - I was one such patient myself not very long ago. This is my story of transforming my passion to a movement that will change your life for ever.