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I challenge book
I challenge book

I challenge book (mb)


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SWAFE I challenge book

This book is a unique amalgamation of theoretical learning and practical experience which I gained while experiencing an approach towards healthy Life. I have compiled these experiences and written a book in simple language for easy understanding of what life is all about and how we can achieve the goal of a healthy life. The human body consists of elements like water which constitutes 75% of the body mass and the rest 25% consists of hard core minerals and elements like Oxygen, Silicon, Calcium, Aluminum, Iron etc. What a striking similarity to planet which also has major portion covered with water. Isn't it mystic? Yes it is, because nothing is by chance it all just reasserts the fact that we are one with the universe. The life comes to an end with death and most of the time is the result of a disease. So, this book was conceived to provide healthy life to people who are suffering from obesity, overweight, heart diseases, diabetes and similar ailments. A major component that plays a vital role in our well-being is food and during my research for an ideal way to healthy life I discovered that there are several natural sources of food which are rich minerals and vitamins. This book is a review of the select food items and also some natural ways to live a healthy and fit life. I decided to delve deep into the problems that trigger unhealthy state and cause diseases. So this book will talk about human beings and their body. A famous quote says that "The body is the most flexible agenda of life which means how we mould our body, decides what we achieve in our life.